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Bachelorette Guide To Intuition

When he entered the movie theater, I felt uneasy. Something about him seemed creepy when he walked in and stood up in the back of the theater while everyone else was sitting down. He was a random stranger, but something about him seemed off. Something inside me said leave. So, I walked out of the movie. It’s hard to explain, but I just got a bad vibe. I don’t think the random stranger I saw did anything (as there wasn’t any breaking news about something awful going down at the movies that day) but the moment I saw him my instinct was to run. 
To have intuition is to know something immediately without reasoning. A common belief is that many women possess a natural level of intuition. Women’s intuition has saved lives, protected others from violent crimes, and has stopped a number of bad things from happening that could’ve been tragic, until someone spoke up, made a last-minute decision, or trusted their gut feeling. Putting your intuition to use and trusting it is a skill that’s importa…
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Weekend At Mission: Possible

Women coming together to encourage and support other women is a beautiful thing. And one beautiful Sunday morning, I was able to attend a women’s worship and fellowship service at a local high school in the Hampton Roads area. I was invited by a co-worker and was glad I decided to attend. As soon as I entered the building, I could feel and see the exciting and contagious energy from all kinds of women, younger and older, of all different races, backgrounds, and more, coming together to praise the Lord and build community.
The worship? Awesome. The testimonies? Inspiring. And the word? Incredible.

The speaker at this event was Caryn Homet: an incredible woman of God, with a powerful message and anointing that lit up the room. Some takeaways from her message were: 
·Mission requires sacrifice. ·Even when things are hard, they happen for a reason. ·Seek and find God in your life. ·Be careful with “Popular Christianity.” Go by what the bible says. That’s our standard.  ·And don’t let religiosity…

Lessons From Mom

Things can feel like they’re falling apart, but when she says, “It’s going to be okay” I relax and believe that everything is going to be just fine. 
Because when she says, “It’s going to be okay” things aren’t nearly as overwhelming as I’ve thought. 
We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve bumped heads. We’ve bonded. And we’ve grown
I’ve even been known to get slightly jelly and territorial over her whenever I’ve had to share her, but, if she can be a “mama” to other people who need her, I don’t mind sharing at all.
I’m talking about my mom. 
Her hugs. Her humor. Her wisdom. And her spirit, love, authenticity, home-cooking, and her inner and outer beauty make her very special to me.
And the older I get, the more I’ve grown to appreciate her. I also pay very close attention to what she’s continually teaching me about life, being a woman, and coming into my own. And on this day, as well as others, I celebrate her. 
Appreciate your parents and definitely appreciate your mom and/or the woman or women w…

A Taste At Hair of the Dog Eatery

Whoever came up with the idea to combine chicken and waffles is a genius. I honestly thought the combination sounded gross at first…until I gave it a try, and then I was hooked! It’s a delicious meal option and definitely one worth trying at Hair of the Dog Eatery. This place is super chill, and their food and prices are decent too. The customer service is on point (which is always a bonus) and there are plenty of other options to choose from if chicken and waffles aren’t your thing. If you’re in the Hampton Roads area and looking for a great place to eat, go to Hair of the Dog Eatery. Do something fun this weekend and enjoy yourself. TGIF!

I Have Church In The Morning

He was kind, dark, and handsome. He had an incredible smile too. We crossed paths on a Saturday night during an intermission at the Something in the Water festival in Hampton Roads. “Wow, hey beautiful. What’s up?” He asked. “Just waiting on some friends,” I replied. He asked where I was from and we ended up chatting for a bit. Then it happened. The question I almost always get when I’m out and about, just living my best life as a bachelorette… 
“What are you doing after this?” He asked.
And I replied.
“I’m going home after this. I have church in the morning.” He paused. Then he squinted. And briefly appeared to be in deep thought for a moment (this is a common reaction whenever I tell a guy, “I have church in the morning…” so I wasn’t surprised. It’s just entertaining to watch sometimes. Plus, it gives me a feel for what kind of guy I’m dealing with.)
He smiled, leaned back, and replied, “Wooooow, that’s really good.” I started laughing then asked him, “Are you a Christian?”
“Not exactly,”…

Bachelorette Guide To Attending Baby Showers

I think baby showers can be lovely, but I’m not a fan of gender reveals. Over recent years, both events have gone far too trendy and revealing, and while there’s nothing wrong with throwing celebrations in honor of new life coming into this world, the way gender reveals have taken off seems troubling. Does everyone really need to know the sex of your new baby, or is it better to keep that kind of news to yourself and between family and close friends until your baby arrives? If gender reveals are your thing, have at it. If not? Don’t feel obligated to have them. Either way, almost every bachelorette, myself included, gets invites for them. And if one plans to attend baby showers or gender reveals, there are some things to know so that you’re on your best behavior and the new moms-to-be can enjoy your company. Here’s my bachelorette guide to attending these events… 
Fake It 'Til You Make It. Your presence will be desired for these kinds of events sometimes. Deal with it. And if you a…

Weekend At Something In The Water

Pharrell Williams is amazing. He brought exciting energy and an unforgettable experience to the Hampton Roads area that I’m certain many residents and visiting guests will be talking about for a long time. Something in the Water was exciting, fun, and inspiring. The musical performances, artistic creatives, various activities, and cultural impact of this festival has left a great impression on many, which is wonderful since this festival, seemingly strategically, happened to fall on College Beach Weekend – a time where many college students traditionally gather to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to unwind and have a good time before their final exams, which in the past has been a weekend that’s stirred trouble, controversy, and concern in the area for some apprehensive and unwelcoming residents. Unfortunately, the internet was buzzing with some negative locals, haters, and naysayers waiting for Something in the Water to fail, however, things went well. Security was tight and the event h…