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Bachelorette Guide To Building Confidence

To me, nothing screams confidence like a group of beautiful women of different races, shapes, sizes, and faces, posing happily and confidently in their underwear.
That’s a world I don’t mind being a part of at all.
The word for today is confidence.
It’s important to have it and it’s important to build it. Without it, life can be challenging, hell, life can be challenging with it too. Some women may worry that if they're too confident they could come off as arrogant (which is not true) and some may worry that they’re doing too much (which also isn’t true).
You will always come off as “too much” or “arrogant” to people who probably don’t have much confidence in themselves. Especially those who feel the need to criticize you about yours. Regardless, you should be taking steps to continue building your confidence and to feel good about being you.
I think you’re amazing, just in case you didn’t know that already 😊 and I’m happy to see other women being as confident as can be. To continue b…
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Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List

One day a group of my colleagues and I got to talking about deceased public figures we’d invite to our own individual fantasy dinner parties. We talked about the type of questions and conversations we might have with our top five picks and it was an interesting and thought-provoking thing to think about. My top five guests can be found below. Who would make your list? And why? Do something fun this weekend and enjoy yourself. TGIF!

Three Unforgettable Words

“Marry someone black.”
I was stunned… but not at all offended.  
We were having dinner and I could tell by the look on her face, she was serious.
After all, those three unforgettable words came out of the mouth of a seasoned black woman I considered beautiful, smart, massively successful, and incredibly woke. When we first met, I found her informative and inspiring, so I asked her if we could meet up sometime so I could pick her brain about race, racism, and navigating the world as a black woman.  
She told me about the importance of being a minority and advocating for yourself, keeping the “receipts”, the necessity of having black friends and a strong inner circle, and suddenly, we ended up on the topic of finding love. And then she said it…
“Marry someone black.”
Little did she know that those three words were unbelievably timely, and in a way, confirmation of something that had already been on my mind. For several months. I’m enjoying being a bachelorette, but for some time now, I’ve als…

About Depression

Frustrations. Disappointments. Traumas. 
In time, they can all pile up and negatively take a toll on you to the point where you don’t feel like your normal self anymore. 
And eventually, they can all lead to depression. 
Depression can hit anyone. Even seemingly positive and put together people, who appear they’re doing just fine on the outside. 
For some, it doesn’t take much for it to kick in. For others, it can be a whole list of things and one of the most important things is recognizing when things have felt or seemed off for a long time, and then deciding to seek help. 
I’ve had seasons where I’ve struggled with depression to the point where I didn’t want to get out of bed, be around anyone, and didn’t care much about how I looked when I left home. Other times I’d just cry, sleep for a long time, isolate myself, stop eating or overeat depending on how I felt at the time, allow my emotions to take over, and stay angry and complain, for days, about everything I felt was wrong with diffe…

Bachelorette Guide To Maximizing Your Freedom

Sometimes I feel sorry for non-single people.
Which may be odd, considering many couples (especially married ones) often seem to feel sorry for singles. 
Being single comes with a lot of freedom that serious couples and married people don’t have, which I’ve noticed not a lot of single people I’ve met and known are often aware of or taking full advantage of. I’ve also noticed that I have yet to meet too many single young women who are happily single and moving through life without being obsessed or worried about settling down, meanwhile, I see the opportunities in this space.
If you’re single you can pretty much do what you want with your time, money and resources, work on yourself, and figure out what you want the rest of your life to look like: with or without a significant other in the picture. Everything may not turn out exactly as planned, but you’re still the CEO of your life. 
Should you ever begin feeling unsettled while single, or anxious, worried, or insecure about your singlenes…

The Impact Of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

Being a teenager can be hard.
Show’s like Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why reminds me just how much I don’t miss the sometimes complicated and emotionally tumultuous time of being a teenager.
The series is now in its third season and if you’re not familiar with the show, it begins with the story of a young, bright, and beautiful teenager named Hannah Baker, with a promising future, whose life was tragically cut short after she committed suicide after being bullied, assaulted, and ostracized by her peers. Before her death, she records her story and her interactions with her peers, via cassette tapes, with each tape leaving clues and startling and sometimes heartbreaking revelations about everything she has gone through and different troubling situations that a number of her peers have been involved in and stayed silent about.
Though controversial, it’s hard to ignore the impact the series has left on the culture and the spotlight it’s exposed on the sometimes harsh realities of what it’s like bei…

Summer Photo Diary

This summer has been chill. I went to the beach as much as I could, attended some cool shows, ate at some great restaurants, spent quality time with my family and close friends, made some new friends, and also had some much-needed downtime for myself. At the start of the summer, I made a post via social media encouraging everyone to not spend their summer waiting on others to join them before deciding to have fun and to experience any and everything they wanted to experience, even if it meant riding solo sometimes.  And the feedback from that post was incredible. I noticed different people who made the most of this summer, and that was an encouraging thing to see.  Since I love taking photos, I thought it’d be fun to do a summer photo diary to reminisce over the different things I was blessed to experience and enjoy over the past few months. I hope this summer has been good to you too and that you’re looking forward to the upcoming seasons ahead. Do something fun this weekend and enjoy …